We Specialise in Transforming your Soil from a Costly Liability to a Valuable Asset…​

Our system is based on a lifetime of practical farming experience and a lifetime of observations and questions that are combined with an education in soil minerology and environment management. 

The lifetimes experience and the answers to those questions is our system. It is accurate, practical and cost effective.

What We Do!

Why We Do It!

We do it because the utilisation of our knowledge and our ability to identify deficiencies, excesses and limitations that impede the turning of the sun’s energy into energy products is vital for the well being of the planet and its people.  Click here for What we do” page

How We Do It!

Ecofarm Aotearoa has developed a soil management programme that supplies the information that is required for accurate, cost effective intervention that will allow the unimpeded function of soil, soil biology and plants. The Ecofarm Aotearoa soil management system includes the following components of nature:

  • Soil mineralogy.
  • Soil biology.
  • Soil electro-magnetic energy.
  • The soil / plant nutrient cycle.

Get In Touch.

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EcoFarm Aotearoa operate Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm NZ time . To contact Ewan or his team please feel free to email: info@ecofarm.rdstudios.dev.

Strategy Session.

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