July 18, 2018

The dreaded tedious job that is never finished!

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How many times a day did you wish you weren’t doing the tedious job you were doing that seems to be never finished?

I remember oh so well those jobs I couldn’t stand, yet if you didn’t do them the wheels fell off.!

It won’t take too much effort to stop and think what jobs they are.

How many times did I look at the calves and think “they probably need a drench” and then I actually drenched them.

The thing is how many people just drench their cattle every six weeks or so, just so they don’t have to think about it and put that down to routine farm work. That’s a never ending, tedious job!

You could always take a little time and do a faecal egg count. This could save you doing some drenches but really is this job in your best interest!

Think about those tedious jobs that you don’t like and then think about the expense that comes with them and how much of your time is required.

Where could you be if you weren’t drenching the calves. Maybe fishing, the beach, golf or just a nice day out with the family.

Yeah I know! I haven’t got the time or the money to be doing that.

STOP doing what you are doing and EXPECTING a different result!

I’m not actually sure how long its been since I’ve drenched the calves and it’s not because I got someone else to do it. The reason why I have not drenched calves for ages is because I stopped and asked; why do these cattle keep getting worms?

The old saying “The Answer Lies in the Soil Son” is still true today. Get that right and enjoy moving healthy cattle or enjoy whatever agriculture you are into.

It’s just education, it’s the cheapest thing you’ll ever do because it will last you a lifetime!

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