March 9, 2020

Soil Carbon Calculator

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Bulk density and total soil organic carbon tests are part of the specification of our soil testing protocol. Our testing protocol is designed to meet the requirements for baseline soil organic carbon testing. This protocol maps, measures and calculates the total soil organic carbon in the soil. This information is reported on our Soil organic carbon calculator along with the current financial value of that carbon on a per Ha and per block basis.

The Waitawheta calculator result above reports that 117.33 tons of soil organic carbon are held in the top 300mm of soil and that carbon, converted to NZ units has a value of $10,765.03 per Ha. In addition to the financial information reported on the carbon calculator the measurement and monitoring of soil organic carbon is important because the soil organic carbon trend is an important indicator of the health and functionality of the soil. Soil organic carbon plays a crucial role in the soil’s natural nitrogen cycle and the soil’s ability to hold water is very dependant on it.

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