EFA Systems Soil Management Programme

Ecofarm Aotearoa has developed a soil management programme that is designed to allow the unimpeded function of soil,  soil biology and plants, and to provide the information that is required for accurate, cost effective intervention when required. The Ecofarm Aotearoa soil management system incorporates the following components of nature:

● Soil mineralogy.
● Soil biology.
● Soil electro-magnetic energy.
● The soil / plant nutrient cycle.

The traditional New Zealand approach to soil management is focused solely on soil mineralogy and generally targets the measurement of plant available macro-nutrients only. From a New Zealand perspective these test results are routinely interpreted that there is always a requirement for fertiliser amendments that includes some of the macro-nutrients that were tested for and this fertiliser recommendation is for either a capital or maintenance application. This is generally the case whether we are growing pasture, cropping, orcharding, or horticulture. In most cases the fertiliser recommendation includes the application of products supplied by the company that submitted the soil sample and that has made the recommendation.

It is a fact that as the volume of fertiliser inputs have been increasing, yet corresponding healthy production increases has not. In fact the input requirements of chemical intervention to obtain a crop is now deemed to be a necessary part of crop management and we forget or blatantly neglect that healthy non intervention high performance agriculture is totally achievable. With this in mind we need to focus on the factors limiting healthy production that get set aside because they are commercially unattractive. We need to understand that growing pasture and crops is not just a soluble mineral based “terraponic” system where the only function performed by the soil is to hold the plant in place. Agriculture, in general continues to fail to acknowledge all of the factors that bring about a healthy productive soil

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