July 18, 2018

New Dog. New tricks!

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Well this dog is not exactly new: Just New to me!

At nearly twelve months old and having been tied up for 23.5 hours a day, not trained, without ears, signs of being knocked about and saved from the gun this dog still has a lovely nature.

It’s hard trying to work with something that has “no ears”, but I’ve been blamed for having the same condition so we have something in common.

So I have to teach the old dog new tricks, and I mean myself!

In the past whenever I got a new dog I always had one to show it the ropes, Not this time.

Now I’m dealing with a different beast just like all farmers are dealing with circumstances they haven’t faced before. But, as I’m learning, it’s not that difficult and it becomes fun when you start seeing results.

It comes down to mindset!

If I can keep a smile on Tess’s chops (and my own) while I’m finding my way from what she sees as her normal to what I would call a really useful dog, we will be just fine.

Now this is where it gets interesting.

I can go it alone and see how things turn out or I can give an Old Mate a Call. One thats had a bit of experience at Dog Trialling.

I think I’ll make the call, because why would I waste so much time teaching an Old Dog; (Me) New Tricks when I have no idea in the beginning.

In farming there is no retirement age. Well; not if you enjoy what you’re doing so if you want to keep on enjoying farming it is time to learn a few new tricks.

It’s never too late. In fact, from what I have seen over my time farming, a lot of the greatest ideas and practical thinking come from those with experience.

When you can draw on that experience and add in some new thinking you will enjoy your farming a hell of a lot more.

Just ask my Father. At 85 I asked him when he was going to see his friends in Australia.
His Reply; I’m so interested in what’s going on here I’m in no hurry to go anywhere!

For a free consultation call Ewan new tricks for an old dog Campbell
PS. Why sell your greatest asset when all you need is some “new tricks.”

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