July 18, 2018

Have they got skin in the game?

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Do the salespeople that turn up at your place with products or services that will, according to them, revolutionise your world, have “skin in the game?

When I went farming in my own right the best thing about it was I had no money

Salespeople were an opportunity to question the status quo, and try and get valuable information from.

I was constantly disappointed as they really knew nothing of what I wished to achieve and were not interested either. They appeared to be only concerned about selling you something.

They have “no skin in the game” yet they trundle down the driveway in flash new utes that the farmers have paid for.

One particular instance really brought this to bear. A friend who worked on a farm in north Canterbury had a Farm Consultant come out to the farm, at the owner’s request to give him the rundown on how he should manage the farm.

After a great spiel about Nitrogen, Bulls and many other very expensive products, Raoul jumped up and put his jacket on.

The owner and Consultant wondered what was going on and asked “where are you going?!”

“Out to the car! We better get going because I want to see your farm so that I can see this in action!”

There was no farm. Only theory!

Unless you’ve got skin in the game the advice is merely opinion usually to protect the one that’s giving it.

You ask a theorist with no”skin in the game” to tell you the time. The theorist asks to borrow your watch. You get told the time then the theorist keeps your watch!

Brutal maybe, but who’s paying the bills. And what if things go really wrong, like for example the DDT debacle?

To be a real guardian of the land, you need skin in the game. Farmers need to be Farmers, not farmed by outside influence.
Get educated, and take authority for your land seriously.

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